Nurturing the human-animal experience with full-spectrum veterinary care and 24-hour emergency medicine. That’s the VHA way.

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Our Specialty Referral and Emergency Center

VHA’s Specialty Referral and Emergency Center opened its doors in June 2023! This 20,000-square-foot facility boasts some of the best doctors, support staff, and veterinary equipment, with the goal of elevating veterinary specialty medicine and emergency care beyond all expectations. Our center also offers a wealth of career and research opportunities for professionals who share in our vision of bending the arc of veterinary medicine.

Our team is conscious of the fact that, regardless of a pet owner’s circumstances, they always deserve veterinary care at the highest level. At VHA, we pride ourselves on approaching each case from as many angles as possible to find a treatment plan that will not only help the pet today, but also ensure they can live a healthier, happier life for as long as possible. We're not out to just treating symptoms, we're out to achieve the best possible outcome for every pet that comes into our care.

We’re committed to:

  • Accessible care that’s tailored to every pet at every life stage.

  • Kind, compassionate service that considers our clients’ needs and budget, regardless of circumstances.

  • First-class medicine and expertise that we would want for our own pets.

  • A creative, progressive approach to veterinary medicine to keep our four-legged patients healthy, happy, and healed for life.

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We’re 3 hospitals all on one campus - general practice, specialty care, and emergency

No matter where your veterinary passions take you, we’ve got all the bases covered. VHA is proud to provide comprehensive general medicine, specialty care for complex health problems, and 24-hour emergency care. Whatever treatment a pet needs, we equip our team with the latest and most capable technology, full autonomy in decision-making, and treatment flexibility so they can challenge their abilities and deliver the very best outcomes for their patients.

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  • Develop and lead your department as if it were your own enterprise—because here, it is (Hello autonomy and empowerment)

  • Team-first environment—balancing passion with well-being, ensuring our cups (and hearts) are always full

  • Clinical education team to constantly enhance our team’s skills and level of practice

Veterinary medicine should improve quality of life, not just treat symptoms

We’re taking back the veterinary profession from those who value profits over people, pets, and successful outcomes. Unlike other specialty practices or corporate institutions that force talented veterinary professionals to “follow the book” or simply treat symptoms, VHA flips the script. We put the mental and physical well-being of our team members first, and give you the power to find the best solutions for your patients.

Where other organizations are failing veterinary professionals, contributing to burnout and compassion fatigue, here you’ll find a collaborative environment where your voice is heard and your passion for helping pets is recognized and re-ignited.

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We challenge industry norms and question everything

Solutions to pet health problems aren’t always straightforward. Using their combined skills and knowledge, our team is empowered to explore a wider variety of treatment options to provide the absolute best solution according to their patients’ and clients’ unique needs. We believe that by looking outside the box and using every available resource to help pets and people, we can truly advance our profession.

In addition, by giving our doctors and staff support and flexibility to practice their way, they discover better solutions and build greater confidence in the care they provide. And that makes all the difference.

Staff In Kennel With Dog
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We’re dedicated to 5-star service across the board

When pet owners come to us for help, we welcome them into the VHA family with open arms. That’s the foundation of our 5-star service commitment. We get to know our patients, help nurture their bonds with their owners, and make every effort to help our clients become great caregivers for their animal companions. Through helping people and pets live healthier and happier, we believe we’re able to provide more productive, fulfilling careers for our team members and elevate the veterinary profession to new (and exciting) heights.