We believe in nurturing your unlimited potential.

At VHA, we know our employees are capable of extraordinary things. With our unwavering support and the right tools, there's nothing you can't do. Our belief in your abilities and inherent value moves us to bring out the best in you at every turn, so you can deliver your best work to our patients and clients.


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Flourish in a culture of positive optimism

By upholding a culture of gratitude, compassion, and appreciation, we can inspire everyone to be their best self and make lasting, meaningful change in the veterinary industry.

We combine work and play, make your health and happiness our top priorities, and encourage you to aspire, give your all, sometimes fail, and always be genuine and honest.

We believe that people should always come before profits.

Help us take back the veterinary profession. With corporations buying up practices at an alarming rate, we're determined to restore the veterinary profession to one that is full of heart, humanity, and mutual respect.

We need a tribe of curious, fearless, forward-thinking people with a vested interest in the human-animal experience to help us change the trajectory of veterinary medicine.

The VHA manifesto

The VHA mission

Our mission is helping people, pets, and the planet become healthy, happy, and healed. We aim to bridge the gap between human preventative care and animal preventative care for cohesive, whole-health medicine that helps our community thrive.

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How it all started…

VHA had a humble beginning more than 30 years ago as a one-doctor general medicine practice. Dr. John Maxwell presided over Maxwell Animal Clinic, providing general preventive care, dental care, and surgery. Over the years, the clinic continued to grow and advance, eventually becoming a 10-doctor animal hospital that also included an emergency care wing and a specialty referral practice.

Dr. Nations was mentored by Dr. Maxwell, and in time, he became the new owner of the practice, which he renamed Veterinary Healthcare Associates.

Vha Specialty Referral Emergency Center Exterior

…how it’s going

We've recently expanded our capabilities with the addition of a 20,000-square-foot facility on our 10-acre campus. This new space is dedicated to our specialty referral and emergency services, enhancing our ability to provide top-tier care to central Florida and beyond. Guided by our deep commitment to promoting health, happiness, and healing for both our cherished furry friends and their caring human families, we are excited to present our Dog Dayz Café. Located on our campus, Dog Dayz takes pride in offering a menu filled with wholesome and nourishing breakfast and lunch options, featuring delightful acai bowls, consciously sourced coffee, and an array of teas. Crafted to be both inviting and lively, the café is the perfect spot for our team members to grab a quick, healthy bite, for clients to relax during wait times, and for the community at large to gather, work, or simply enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

In our commitment to the well-being of our team, we've also launched an exclusive fitness center and a party patio, perfect for social gatherings. These amenities, along with all the essential tools required for your role, are part of our ongoing effort to ensure a less stressful work environment.

Looking ahead, we're excited about the development of a state-of-the-art research center. This initiative will allow us to delve into innovative modalities and therapies, with the aim of significantly advancing veterinary care. At VHA, we're not just keeping pace with the future; we're defining it.

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We believe in being the best place to work

At VHA, we're dedicated to building an environment that ignites curiosity, discovery, and innovation among our team members. Most of all, we look out for your best interests and support you not just as an employee, but as a part of the family--because your health, happiness, and drive are what make VHA possible.

Our goal is to lead the nation in educating and mentoring the next generation of veterinary professionals.