Level up your career
with our CVT Scholarship

Dr. Nations is passionate about giving our team members the tools they need to spread their wings and grow as individuals. With his support, Veterinary Healthcare Associates proudly offers scholarships to employees who want to pursue higher learning and excellence.

The scholarship is 100% financed by Dr. Nations. It’s his way of paying it forward to VHA’s talented veterinary professionals to help them achieve their career aspirations.

I set up the scholarship program because I wanted to give back to our young veterinarians, our young technicians, and our people who are interested in advancing.

Benefits of the CVT Program

Our scholarship program gives VHA team members the chance to take their skills to the next level and elevate our organization in the process, while also being rewarded for their success in the program.

Scholarship recipients will be able to:

Staff With Corgi
  • Complete the entire program online

  • Increase and multiply their skills

  • Get credentials

  • Prepare for the VTNE

  • Receive full financial assistance (includes books, etc.)

  • Work at their own pace while still being able to balance their professional and personal lives

We offer this scholarship twice a year. If you’re currently employed at VHA and want to apply, take a moment to review our information about eligibility, program requirements, compensation, and other key details down below.

Not a member of our tribe? Explore our job openings.

Meet our scholarship recipients

They’re doing big things, and we can’t wait to see where their accomplishments lead them next. Meet our outstanding scholarship recipients!

  • Amanda S. - ICU Nurse
  • Yesenia - Specialty Surgery Nurse
  • John - Primary Care Team Lead
  • Melissa C. - Overnight Emergency Team Lead
  • Jessica - Portico/Veterinary Assistant Team Lead
  • Sara - ICU Team Lead
  • Vanessa - Specialty Surgery Team Lead
  • Kiki - Primary Care Nurse
  • Haley - Internal Medicine Nurse
  • Leslie - Internal Medicine Nurse
  • Justin - Internal Medicine Nurse
  • Erik - Internal Medicine Assistant
  • Logan - Daytime Emergency Nurse
  • Rebecca R. - Daytime Emergency Nurse
  • Alonna - Overnight Emergency Nurse

Having our team members who receive the CVT Scholarship talk to each other about the program and where they’re going with it has been so much fun.
- AMANDA MEEKS, RVT, CCRP Rehab Lead, Scholarship Program Administrator

See our application and eligibility requirements

For important information about our application and eligibility requirements, download the PDF below.