Our Manifesto: Bending the arc of veterinary medicine

At VHA, we offer candidates a work environment unlike any other in the veterinary industry. Our manifesto explains what drives our organization, and what we aim to achieve.


Group Outside With Dogs


We believe in the unlimited potential that resides within all of us. We work to transform our people into the best versions of themselves. But while we take pride in our work, it is not all.


Our personal happiness is the single most powerful tool for production. We aspire to create an environment that promotes positive optimism, making work indistinguishable from play.

Dr Nations Holding Brown Fluffy Dog


We protect, nurture, and grow a culture of gratitude, compassion, and appreciation. We are a family and it is safe to fail, and be authentic and honest. We give ourselves to others and our community.


We feel a strong sense of responsibility to stand up for what we believe in with courage and passion. We are thought leaders in veterinary medicine and our community. We are taking back our profession and leaving a legacy for further veterinary care.

Dr Nations Holding Brown Fluffy Dog
Staff After Surgery


We have an almost uncomfortable desire to seek the truth and constantly challenge the norms of both medicine and business. We seek first to understand the problem that is, not the problem that isn’t, and then we create solutions to solve it.


We create and unify our clients, colleagues, and veterinary community into one tribe of humans who are passionate about PetLove and PetLife. We embrace and promote the human-animal experience.

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We advance translational medicine and are the premier veterinary clinical research center in the nation, bringing therapies from “bench-side to cage-side.” We collaborate with human scientists, researchers, and physicians to bring therapies from “cage-side to bedside.”


We bend the reality of veterinary preventative medicine and focus on increasing both lifespan and healthspan for our pets through nutrition and metabolic therapeutics.

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We put a dent in cancer and improve survival and quality of life through the nation’s leading metabolic oncology center. We develop new protocols and non-toxic therapies based on new paradigms of cancer metabolism, energetics, and cancer biology.


We are a national leader in education and mentorship of our next generation of veterinary professionals, providing insightful continuing education for our profession and inspirational information for pet owners. We use our pets and their health to bridge the gap between veterinary care and human preventative care, and inspire and educate pet owners about their own health and disease prevention.