John Hallas CVA, Primary Care Team Lead

John always wanted to work with animals. He obtained a degree in biology, and started his career as a zookeeper in the African Hoofstock and Florida Mammals departments at Lowry Park Zoo. When he moved to Orlando, he began working at VHA as a general practice technician. The best part of being a technician in the general practice is getting to educate clients with information that helps improve their home lives with their pets. And as a team lead, John enjoys helping his team grow and accomplish their goals. One of his favorite things about VHA is that working there is never boring; there are always new things happening and new opportunities to learn.

John has 1 four-legged family member, a domestic shorthair cat named Toulouse. His biggest hobby is playing disc golf, but he enjoys all sports.

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. THOMAS JEFFERSON
John Hallas New