Internal Job Posting: Internal Medicine/Oncology Shift Captain Winter Haven, Florida

About the Position

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The Ideal Candidate

In addition to the Internal Medicine Veterinary Nurse job duties, the Lead nurse will be expected to:

● Work collaboratively with all departments at Veterinary Healthcare Associates to ensure smooth workflow and maintain positive relationships between departments within the hospital.

● Assist Team leader and doctor with overall organization of department and workflow of the day.

● Coordinate with IM team leader to ensure smooth, efficient workflow within the department including appointments, procedures, and oncology services.

● Allocate staff to support other departments when necessary

● Oversee or delegate tasks of ordering and maintaining equipment that are utilized in the Internal Medicine/Oncology department, keeping it organized and patient ready at all times.

● Responsible for implementing training protocol.

● Provides real time, frequent on the floor coaching sessions to staff members as needed.

  • CVT, RVT, or VTS preferred.
  • Previous On-The-Job Training in a veterinary specialty setting at minimum of three years.
  • Passing grade on IM Nursing Assessment.
  • Passionate about our 6 core values and lives them daily.
  • Genuinely enjoys working with animals and is able to deal with them even when they are stressed, ill or in pain.
  • Passionate about learning and constantly strives for personal and professional growth.
  • Can stay calm and efficient during times of large patient load and/or a medical crisis.
  • Is well-spoken and approaches his/her job duties in a mature nature.
  • Is experienced in the teamwork approach and works well with all levels of hospital team members.
  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Can provide compassionate care to patients and clients.
  • Can conduct oneself in a confident and professional manner even when stressed and/or focused on individual tasks.
  • Can enter accurate medical records into the practice software in accordance to hospital
  • policy.
  • Can prepare and maintain the exam rooms and treatment areas.
  • Can effectively restrain pets and know when to ask the physician for chemical restraint.
  • Commands a strong understanding of chemotherapy safety and precautions; adhering to safety at all times.
  • Completes daily, weekly and monthly checklists consistent.
  • Commands a strong knowledge of a variety of cancer types, appropriate staging and median survival times.
  • Understands the uses and benefits of metabolic therapies and strives to achieve a commanding knowledge of all metabolic therapies utilized by the physician.
  • Assist the Referral Coordinators when necessary and assume their duties during one’s absence when needed.
  • Maintains an appropriate inventory of all supplies as dictated by the inventory control system. Inform appropriate members of management (e.g. office manager or inventory manager) as needed about items that need to be ordered.
  • Make sure all products and literature are identified with labels.
  • Keep abreast of over-the-counter products for general practice as well those used on internal medicine and their usage such as metabolic therapies.
  • Understand usage and recommendations for proper preventive care such as heartworm and flea control products.

The Perks

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