Celebrating diversity and nurturing a sense of community

At Veterinary Healthcare Associates, we strive to make our campus a place of belonging, community, and self-fulfillment through teamwork. Everyone is of equal value, and their words and ideas carry equal weight. Your role in our organization is a vital one and we want you to always feel at home. We’re focused on making sure every team member is comfortable being themselves and feels like an irreplaceable part of the VHA team and our Winter Haven community.

Two Team Members With Files

A place where you belong

Diversity is a fact and inclusion a behavior, but belonging is the emotional outcome that everyone strives for. Every day, we cultivate and uphold an atmosphere in which all of our team members belong, contribute, and thrive. Creating this atmosphere requires deliberate and intentional action.

Bring your authentic self to work, including all the perspectives and experiences that make you unique. Everything you have to offer is what makes you an integral part of our Mission, Vision, and Values.