Angel Law-Barnes


Dr. Laws-Barnes earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional, which means she is trained to identify and reduce free, anxiety and stress in patients. Dr. Laws-Barnes passionately offers both Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Laws-Barnes cherishes the opportunity to provide care for her…

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Bobbi Kelley


Bobbi grew up on a horse farm in Wisconsin, but didn’t realize her potential career path until she got a part-time job as a receptionist at an animal hospital. From that moment on, Bobbi knew veterinary medicine was the profession for her, and after almost 30 years, she wouldn’t change a thing. Having the ability…

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Jacqueline Hardy


Jackie decided to be a part of the veterinary field because she always loved animals and wanted to care for them, and her family encouraged her to follow her dreams. In 2003, Jackie began learning the basics, working overnight and caring for critical patients. Her journey to her current position at VHA started in 2008,…

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Jessica Babcock


Jessica was working at Lang Sun Country Grove, a small café in Lake Alfred, when one day after work during a phone conversation with her mom, her mom suggested that she apply at Veterinary Healthcare Associates. Jessica laughed and said “They aren’t going to hire me. I have no experience.” Her mom replied, “You never…

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John Hallas


John always wanted to work with animals. He obtained a degree in biology, and started his career as a zookeeper in the African Hoofstock and Florida Mammals departments at Lowry Park Zoo. When he moved to Orlando, he began working at VHA as a general practice technician. The best part of being a technician in…

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Melissa Cruz


Melissa attended veterinary technician school in 2002 on a whim because she liked animals, and ended up falling in love with the profession instantly. She has been a tech ever since, working in specialty practices mostly as a surgical nurse and emergency nurse. Melissa loves everything about her career and the profession as a whole.…

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Vanessa Long


As a child, Vanessa always had pets and she would find stray kittens to keep. Animals have always been a passion of hers, and now she gets to help care for other people’s pets! One of the things that makes her career rewarding is seeing sick or injured pets go home happy and healed. She…

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Corissa Antemesaris


Corissa’s work experience includes over 20 years in shelter medicine, referral medicine, emergency medicine, and TCVM. She also provided relief work in the Denver Metro area prior to relocating to Florida. She has been working at VHA since 2013, specializing in internal medicine and oncology. For Corissa, much of the work that VHA does is…

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