Hope Reed Client Loyalty Agent

As far back as she can remember, Hope has had a special bond with animals. In 1997, she landed the dream job of working with animals and keeping them healthy. However, she soon realized that animals do not bring themselves to the hospital, and so she began working on building another bond–with their people. Being able to help clients and their pets as well as building life-long relationships with them has been a true blessing.

The continued love and support from Dr. Nations has been one of the most rewarding aspects of Hope’s career. From the time she started when there were just 7 employees to now, with VHA having over 100 team members, she has always been supported and encouraged to grow and have an awareness of self care.

Hope’s family is blessed with 2 playful and lovable Chihuahuas, Olive Lou and Mabel Ruth. Hope enjoys breaking down the somewhat negative reputation that plagues the breed–Olive and Mabel always attract attention wherever they go!

When she is not at VHA, Hope enjoys making jewelry, coming up with new recipes, and cultivating her family’s herb and vegetable garden.

Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change. FRIDA KAHLO