Brad Runge Chief Operating Officer

Brad is focused on growing financially sound healthcare operations through strong dyadic relationships between clinicians and business professionals. As a pet parent himself, he is inspired to leverage his past successes to foster the type of practice that offers the compassion and quality of medicine his pets deserve. He considers his position as Chief Operating Officer to be the ideal role for collaborating with likeminded professionals and changing the course of the industry to better serve the community. One of his favorite things about working at VHA is having the freedom to grow in an environment that’s truly focused on pets and people.

Brad is fortunate to have invested his time and talents into contributing a level of quality care, compassion, and dignity to the lives of others. Every day he is motivated by a sense of appreciation and acknowledgement of this privilege.

Brad has two dogs, a Westie and a Schnauzer, and a cat. All three are the same age and have been raised together. An interesting fact about Brad is that he has lived in three different countries and traveled to nearly 50, exploring an array of cultures. He tries to collect different pieces of art from each place that represents the experience. As a passionate scuba diver, he is always searching for something new to discover underwater, as well.

“Success can be measured in many ways. It is always the result of a commitment to do things that others avoid, learning from failures, and a conviction to stay the course.” – Walt Disney

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